30 Dec -

Learning Styles for Children

The idea of different learning styles started to gain popularity in the mid-’70s and since then, the notion has influenced the way education and learning are perceived. Just like there are different teaching methods, many individuals also believe there are different […]

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Nursery Places for Your Child

    Getting your children signed up for a nursery place is an important step for child care when you need to go to work.  It can be difficult to know which nurseries are good, but with Kindred Nurseries, you know you will find an excellent spot for your little one!  Bromley Nurseries are always popular, especially for those living in the area.  Check out the range of exciting nursery places for your children today!

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Organising School Things

    When your children go off to school, particularly those in secondary school, they are likely to be given school lockers for them to put their belongings in. These can be secure places to keep their bags, books and PE kit without needing to drag them all over the school.